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    Contact us

    Name: Mr.Ruan
    Tel: 0086-576-82231888/82417151/82139999
    Fax: 0086-576-85606995
    Mobile: 0086-15712689288
    E-mail: sales@tzxinou.com
    Add: No.11,2 areas,Shangzhang village Lunan,Luqiao,Taizhou,Zhejiang P.R in China.
    QQ: 2242383768
    QQ: 2242383768

    About Us

          Taizhou City Xinou Machinery Tool Accessory Co.,Ltd. is a pressiontional factory producing enclosure products of all kinds of lathes.It is located in a coastal city-taizhou by the east sea of China,with convenient transportation in land,sea and air.
          Controlled special manufacturing manchines.Currently we supply mainly the following products:duty live centre,dead centre,acrbide tipper dead centre,drill sleeve................